PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 by Sol Luckman in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA

“…More often than not diagnosis is the “kiss of death,” bestowed by a so-called medical authority, that negates our justified belief in our natural ability to heal ourselves. According to some statistics, medical diagnosis is off the mark more than ninety percent of the time—in many thousands of cases resulting in unnecessary, doctor-induced fatalities. That said, of course there are instances when allopathic medicine is entirely appropriate. We would not want carpenters setting broken bones or electricians performing emergency brain surgery.

But with many, even most conditions, diagnosis is useless mental baggage of a negatively oriented nature that, if our interest truly is in healing, we would do well to jettison in favor of a medical model that focuses positively on the ever-present possibility of sustained well-being.”

                    Sol Luckman, in “Potentiate Your DNA”

For more information regarding this book, visit PotentiateYourDNA.com.

Compiler’s Note: This is a fascinating book that describes a truly revolutionary healing science. Reading this breakthrough work can completely change the way you look at health and healing. I highly recommend it.

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