PONDER on THIS for Monday, December 20th, 2010 by Richard A. Singer, Jr. in YOUR DAILY WALK WITH THE GREAT MINDS

“Obsession with money appears to preside over everyone and everything around us. Of course it’s needed, however, to hoard it or center your whole life around making it, saving it, and spending it is a great disgrace to this Universe. If you are not making a difference, what are you here for? Your essential source has a higher plan for you rather than revolving around monetary rewards and material possessions, it is wholly up to you to discover this plan and begin revealing it in your life. If you desire temporary pleasure and an illusory sense of control, continue developing your monetary foundation in life, if you choose genuine happiness, peace, and true success, begin making a difference in the world today.”

         Richard A. Singer, Jr. in Your Daily Walk With the Great Minds

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