BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, April 29th, 2011 by by Margaret Olivia Wolfson in THE MOST AMAZING DAY excerpted from GRATITUDE: A WAY OF LIFE

“Feeling and expressing gratitude for the good we have in our lives doesn’t give us permission to passively accept the aspects of our lives that are not working. However, as we labor to spin the straw of lack into gold, we must focus on our wealth, not our poverty. And while we must consciously make an effort not  to push away or avoid our problems, it is imperative that we simultaneously find things to praise. Complaining only focuses our mind’s attention on what is missing, and what we mentally focus on gradually take shape in the outer world.”

Margaret Olivia Wolfson, in “The Most Amazing Day” excerpted from “Gratitude: A Way of Life”

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“Cars and gold bars and chains and diamond rings, these are the symbols, we want the real things. Peace in the soul and a natural insight, things that please the mind and make the body feel right.”

        Todd Rundgren, from the CD, “No World Order”

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