Special PONDER on THIS for Sunday, July 17th, 2011 by Lisette Larkins in DIFFICULT PEOPLE

“Unhappiness or suffering of any degree, has become a normalized state of being when we think we don’t have what we want; however, few of us can tolerate the truth behind the actual cause of any kind of suffering…chronic and compulsive resistance to the impermanence of form – resisting what is.

This is truly the only “real” problem after all. Of course, there appear to be myriad difficulties that need our attention, or require a decision. Hardly anyone argues the fact that things seem to go wrong constantly. But do they really? What if the only thing that goes “wrong” is the suffering that we experience when we cannot accept what is? Ultimately, this is the only real “problem.” Resistance to what appears in the present moment is itself the “problem.” This is solved by the only possible solution: acceptance of the present moment as it is. Action or correction comes second. But first one must accept with a calm and quiet mind whatever is occurring. Out of this quiet state, right timing is correctly recognized and right action is thus borne.”

                  Lisette Larkins, in “Difficult People”

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Compiler’s Note: The more I read of this book the more I believe it deserves to become a classic in the spiritual growth category. I just love this work because it has incredibly practical information, plus the author’s “pull no punches” style is refreshing. If you have read and found value in “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, you will really like this book. 

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