PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 by Carl Bozeman in ON BEING GOD, BEYOND YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE

“There is a saying often quoted: “Those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat its mistakes.” We refer to this while standing in the rubble of numerous repeated mistakes. Perhaps we should forget history, or at least our personal history, since the real tendency is to not only repeat it but also to perpetuate it. It is the law of attraction at work. That which we focus on, we attract. Actually, it is more accurate to say, that which we focus on, we create. If we are continuously stuck in a realm of thinking that asks “Why me?” we are forever creating the circumstances around which this questioning occurs, and it will not end until we change the question.

The question can only change when our thinking changes. If our thoughts are conceived and then analyzed (thought about) from a historical premise we believe to be negative, we are doing nothing more than creating more of the negative. Even if we think our thoughts are constructive and conceived with a newly positive attitude, if they are derived from that historical pool, we will create only more of the same. History should be left where it is, in the past, especially as it relates to our own creative processes. Now is all there is and is the only point in time or space where we have total creative control and the ability to free ourselves from the junk of past thinking.”

               Carl Bozeman, in “On Being God, Beyond Your Life’s Purpose”
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