PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 by Donald Altman in THE MINDFULNESS CODE

“When caught in the grip
of craving, you can surf along with it and ride it out with curiosity
and observation. What does it feel like in each moment? You can ride
cravings waves without trying to control, eliminate, or give in to them.
Instead, you notice that you can fully experience the craving without
having to act on it. Feeling and surfing your craving will not harm you.
Like ocean waves, cravings rise up and subside into the surf.

times, the surf is restless; other times, it barely creates a ripple.
The more you surf your cravings and urges, the more you’ll understand
how your cravings come and go, as well as become more comfortable with
them. What’s important is to recognize that you don’t need to eliminate
the voice of craving within you; you can skillfully decide simply to
observe rather than follow it.”

                            Donald Altman, in “The Mindfulness Code”

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