BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 by Paul Ferrini in THE SILENCE OF THE HEART

“Whatever your experience has been, your challenge is to learn to accept it, to be with it without judgment, to embrace it unconditionally. When you can do that, you can integrate the experience and the lessons it brings into the fabric of your life. Authenticity is the fruit of a life fully lived.

The denial or fabrication of experience is inauthentic and therefore unspiritual. It results in the fragmentation of consciousness, and the subjugation of one part of experience (unconscious) to another part (conscious). This creates an imbalance within the psyche that eventually needs to be healed. And healing invariably requires admitting the lie.

Telling the truth to oneself and others is the first requirement of the spiritual life. Without honesty, authenticity is impossible.”

Paul Ferrini, in “The Silence of the Heart”

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