PONDER on THIS for Saturday, July 7th, 2007 by Todd Rundgren in GOD SAID

“Nearly everyone I know claims to have heard your voice
And every time they do, I know I should rejoice
Because one day you’ll break your silence
And speak just to me
But I feel like time’s running out
And my heart, my heart is filling with doubt
And God said,

I don’t dwell upon you, I dwell on something else
And I am not really here, so get over yourself

Ive tried to follow every rule they said you handed down
And spread the sacred testimony all around
And still the others seem to have your ear, but never will I
Have I displeased you some how?
I can’t help, can’t help feeling left out
And God said,

There’s no anger in me, you must mean someone else
Cause it’s not me that you see, you’re looking at yourself
And I won’t give you a prize instead of someone else
Cause I don’t play favorites, so get over yourself

Is it my fear, is it my pride, it is my vanity?
Should your name just be denied to save my sanity?
What is the price I need to pay to have
What others seem to grasp so easily?
Pity your servant, your slave
Who’ll kiss your feet to be saved
Save me, Save me…
And God said,

You are not serving me, you’re serving something else
Cause I don’t need to be pleased, just get over yourself
You can’t suck up, up to me, I know you all too well
But I don’t dwell upon you, so get over yourself
Cause you’re not praying to me, you’re praying to yourself
And you’re not worshipping me, you’re worshipping yourself
And you will kill in my name, and heaven knows what else
When you can’t prove I exist, so get over yourself.”

Todd Rundgren, in the song “God Said” from the 2004 CD “Liars”

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