PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 7th, 2007 by Deepak Chopra in THE WAY OF THE WIZARD

“Think of the railroad track as time. Our narrow sense of time is directly tied to our narrow beliefs. A pessimist believes that nothing will turn out right, which provides a single-minded model for the future. An idealist believes that higher values will prevail, and that too is a model of the future. When the pessimist meets with good luck or the idealist with less than ideal results, both will prefer their models over reality. This is not to criticize the usefulness of the models but to show that they are less than real. Instead of meeting the present moment head-on, we are living backward in time, using our project futures to guide us in our present actions…

Instead of falling prey to your subconscious, which is constantly impelling you to embrace a future that is predictable, you can seize control of your talent for projection. Live the highest ideal now. See a future based on the belief that you are cared for in the universe, that you are growing toward higher consciousness, that love, truth, and self-acceptance are already yours. You do not have to achieve these states in order to live them now. Living them now is how you will achieve them.”

Deepak Chopra, in “The Way of the Wizard”

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