BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 by Catherine Ponder in OPEN YOUR MIND TO PROSPERITY

“The world of nature knows about Divine timing. I recently saw a science film which described the life of certain plants that bloom in the desert. The film explained that these plants blossomed in that desert climate only when conditions were just right. The plants would often wait for years for the right conditions before they blossomed. Like the plant in the desert, awaiting the right conditions in which to blossom, we sometimes have to await just the right time in our soul growth to enjoy our expanded good. Meanwhile, by meeting our present circumstances non-resistantly, we may be developing certain soul qualities and talents which will prepare us for that time.

During such periods, no matter how much we persist in dwelling on increased health, wealth or happiness, our good may not appear, because we are not yet ready to receive it and maintain it. If we receive it during such a period, it would be premature, forced growth, and would not last. Under such circumstances, we may find our good coming more slowly under Divine timing. But later we will realize that it came at just the right time for our long-range benefit.”

Catherine Ponder, in “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”

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