BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, December 27th, 2007 by Stuart Wilde in THE QUICKENING

“If you want to reach your true power you are forced, first, to accept things as they are, second, to live in the truth of what you are, and third, to control your mind and emotions so that they do not carry you away into a fantasy which would eventually become an affirmation of your lack.

If you say, “One day, someday, I will be rich,” what you are affirming is that you will never make it for you believe that you are not rich now. The Universal Law does not deal in future or past. It is. You have to be centered in the instant. For you to be rich you have to feel rich right now. You have to see that what you have right now is wealth, a gift from the Universe. You have to have patience and you have to know and trust that you have all the goodness and power you will ever need, that opportunities will come to help you become more wealthy.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Quickening”

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