BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 1st 2008 by Lee Coit in GRATITUDE, A WAY OF LIFE BY LOUISE HAY AND FRIENDS

“What gifts does gratitude offer use when we use it? A very old spiritual teaching says that “giving and receiving are the same.” If that is so, what does being grateful do for us? First of all, gratitude has great restorative powers. Long ago, I found that being grateful for what I had helped me to get over feeling sorry for myself. My appreciation of others always raised my own level of happiness. Whenever I felt unappreciated, I’d count up all the wonderful things that had happened to me recently, and my joy would return.

Being grateful for what I have is also an effective way of releasing a sense of loss. When I am aware of all the love I am receiving, I can quickly forget my problems. Gratitude is an excellent way of removing my concentration from negative situations and placing my attention on what is right. It doesn’t matter whether I am grateful to my Divine Source or to my friends; the simple act of being aware of what I am receiving, and expressing my gratitude in action, brings the desired state of joy.”

Lee Coit, from an essay entitled “The Gifts That Gratitude Offers Us”, in the book “Gratitude, A Way of Life” by Louise Hay and Friends

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