BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 by Stuart Wilde in LIFE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A STRUGGLE

“Do you remember being told as a child that if you wanted to make it in life you would have to work hard? That life involves pain and struggle; that you’d have to earn love and acceptance; and that, if you wanted to come out on top, you’d have to put in an incredible effort? I certainly remember my mother saying to me, “Struggle enobles the soul.”

But there is a big difference between struggle and effort. Our physical condition as humans involves effort, but struggle is effort laced with emotion and desperation. Now, if over a period of years, you’ve laid down several hundred thousand thoughts in your subconscious that say “Life is a struggle,” naturally you would project that from your inner feelings. Even if you weren’t consciously aware of that aspect of your inner self, the thought would still lie deep within you and show up constantly in your life.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle”

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