PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 by Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. in IF LIFE IS A GAME THESE ARE THE RULES

“Every person creates his or her own reality. Authorship of your life is one of your absolute rights; yet so often people deny that they have the ability to script the life they desire. They often use the excuse that they cannot do what they want to do or get what they desire in life because they lack the resources to do it. They look past the fundamental truth that it is not our external resources that determine our success or failure, but rather our own belief in ourselves and our willingness to create a life according to our highest aspirations.

You can either engage in the blame game, making frequent use of the statement, “I couldn’t because…,” or you can take control of your life and shape it as you like.You can either let your circumstances, be they you physical appearance, your financial condition, or your family origins, dictate what happens to you, or you can transcend your perceived limitations and make extraordinary things happen. The “yeah, buts…” do not produce results they just reinforce the delusion of inability. Argue for your limitations and eventually the universe will agree with you and respond accordingly.”

Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. in, “If Life is A Game, These are the Rules”

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