PONDER on THIS Special Message for Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 by Asara Lovejoy in THE ONE COMMAND

“If you are thinking, feeling, and knowing from your emotional body and your emotional brain, then you are thinking, and feeling from your limitations. You are creating your life through the thinking and feelings that are identified with your ego.

You are already masters, creating every moment in your life. When you are shifting into a conscious awareness of an awakened awareness of your alignment with that greater capacity within you, you say, “Look at the delight of what is available, of the excitement, of the curiosity, of the imagination, of anything that I can create, and maybe something that I haven’t even thought of that I can create, something beyond my capacity to imagine at this moment. I can create that as well.”

It is consciousness. It is consciousness brought into a discrete particle of information that you have chosen to be your reality. Your have chosen to say at this moment, “This is my reality; this is my consciousness; this is my thought.”

You are not only going to shift your beliefs around the addictive patterns of your old thinking, you are awakening and learning to operate in new portions of your brain that have been designed for you to use. Why else are they there? Declare, “I want it!” And the more awakened you are, the greater use of your brain you have, the greater use of your mind you have, the greater use of your intelligence you have, the more prosperous and rich a life you can lead…easily and naturally.”

Asara Lovejoy, in “The One Command”

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