PONDER on THIS for Monday, May 19th, 2008 by Carolyn J. Gable in EVERYTHING I KNOW AS A CEO I LEARNED AS A WAITRESS

“There are two ways of looking at the matter of honesty. An old saying puts it this way: “If you are going to be a liar, you had better have a great memory.” This suggests that honesty is the best policy simply because your chances of getting caught are high. It is not worth the risk. Another old saying looks at it differently, and is far less complicated: “Do the right thing.” Unlike the first saying, this one suggests that honesty is the best policy because it is the honorable thing to do. This saying puts personal integrity at the head of the line, and it is hard to go wrong with that sort of thinking.

The problem with lying is that it chips away at the legacy you are trying to build for yourself as a person. Every time you take a chip out of that legacy and sacrifice a piece of your integrity, it is almost impossible to build it back up again…Trust is about predictability and consistency, and it does not take much to put those two traits in doubt. A single demonstration of dishonesty is often all it takes.

Interestingly, we’re often driven to lie because we do not think people can handle the truth. That is absolutely 100 percent false. Take my word for it. People can handle the truth, no matter how bad the news is.”

Carolyn J. Gable in, “Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress”

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