PONDER on THIS for Monday, June 9th, 2008 by Asara Lovejoy in THE ONE COMMAND

“Because we have an innate instinct to want to belong and to be part of the pack, a member of the tribe, the manipulated point of view of the media has a great influence on our psyche in terms of acceptance or rejection. We compare movies, sports events, news on the downturn of the economy, and terrorists on the same bias as the media, and we repeat these ideas as true.

As yourself if these beliefs are true: that life is hard, you have to struggle to make it, it is difficult to get what you want, others prevent you from accomplishing your dreams, the economy and world conditions are keeping you from your financial gain.

They are not. The outside influences of the world are simply thoughts that you agree to believe because you fear they might be true. If you are not secure enough in your own thinking and feeling to decide how you want your life to be lived, then you will live your life according to others’ ideas of the best or worst life for you. Any conditions of poverty, prejudice, or outside circumstances have only the power that you give them.”

Asara Lovejoy, in “The One Command”

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