PONDER on THIS for Monday, June 30th, 2008 by Asara Lovejoy in THE ONE COMMAND

“When you reconnect to the deepest part of who you are through your Source Mind, you learn to trust your choices and to trust your own authority once again. You grant yourself permission to live a different, happier, richer life than your tribe of origin, and by example lead your tribe forward with you. When you do, magic happens. Your family and society become richer, more harmonious, and more peaceful because of you.

You change whom and what you attract into your life only when you change your subconscious beliefs…Perhaps you have wondered why there are successful people from all economic and emotional conditions who have overcome adversity and the odds to succeed. They have succeeded because they discovered another way to think and feel.

Those who succeed accept ideas and thoughts from the outside world as a choice to believe or not without judgment. They create and manifest from the power within.”

Asara Lovejoy, in “The One Command”

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