BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 by Thomas Moore in CARE OF THE SOUL

“Taking an interest in one’s own soul requires a certain amount of space for reflection and appreciation. Ordinarily we are so identified with movements of the psyche that we can’t stand back and take a good look at them. A little distance allows us to see the dynamics among the many elements that make up the life of the soul. By becoming interested in these phenomena, we begin to see our own complexity. Usually we feel that complexity as it hits us unawares from outside, in a multitude of problems and confusion.

If we knew the soul better, we might be ready for the conflicts of life. I often have the sense, when someone tells me anxiously about some knot they find themselves in, that what they perceive as an impossible and painful situation calling for professional intervention is simply the complexity of human life once again manifesting itself. Most of us bring to everyday life a somewhat naïve psychological attitude in our expectations that our lives and relationships will be simple. Love of the soul asks for some appreciation for its complexity.”

Thomas Moore, in “Care of the Soul”

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