PONDER on THIS for Sunday, September 28th, 2008 by Richard Bartlett in MATRIX ENERGETICS

“Every treatment in medicine, including most so-called natural alternatives, is reaction to a symptom or a condition. This symptom/treatment duality means that you have this condition (symptom), and I am going to prescribe treatment for that condition. It is a stimulus-response or behaviorist model at its core, largely extrapolated from laboratory studies on rats. But how many of you reading this think rat physiology and biochemistry are close enough to those of human beings that our medical health-care should be based on them?

One of the greatest problems that I have noticed in the treatment of symptoms from within this stimulus-response model is that anything you do in reaction to a condition tends to add energy into sustaining the unwanted state. If you address a condition by treating it, you devote more attention to its existence, thus validating its reality. When you do this you make the condition itself more linear, predictable, and ultimately more self-aware. That, I am sure, is exactly what we don’t want: for our conditions to be more self-aware.”

Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., in “Matrix Energetics”

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Compiler’s Note: This is a fascinating book that effectively creates a paradigm shift in how we approach the entire concept of health and healing. Although parts of the book are highly metaphysical in nature, the author’s presentation of the content is not overly complex and his conversational writing style makes the work very entertaining.

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