PONDER on THIS for Sunday, October 12th, 2008 by Ainslie MacLeod in THE INSTRUCTION

“In everyday life, nothing – and I stress nothing – gets in the way of living the life your soul intended more than this: other people’s expectations. Teachers, friends, politicians – they all “know” what’s best for you. Parents can be some of the biggest culprits. The problem with so many of them is that they assume their children are here for the same reason they are. They may be well-meaning: “We just want you to be happy.” But, more often than not, what they think will make you happy is for you to live their destiny – not your own.

Parents have the power to influence you in ways no one else can. Their control over you may be subtle or overt. It may not even be intentional, but it can last a lifetime…This is your life to live – according to your own life plan. If you marry Becky or Larry because Mom and Dad like them, that’s fine, as long as you do too. But if you make a major life decision based on Mom and Dad’s desires rather than your own, you may regret your choice long after they’re both gone…And what if you make the wrong choice? Well, that’s how you learn. It will help you make a better one next time. And don’t forget, it’s one thing to screw up because you made a poor choice, and quite another to screw up because you allowed someone else to make that choice for you.”

Ainslie MacLeod, in “The Instruction”

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