PONDER on THIS for Sunday, December 14th, 2008 by Al Diaz in BEing THE TITUS CONCEPT

“Right now, in this moment, you have the opportunity to consciously and deliberately create the Lifestyle you desire and require. While you are going through your current experience, state that it is for your best and highest good, and it shall BE. You get to choose what each experience is going to BE. You do this simply by deliberately and consciously bringing into play all of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions, attitudes, and beliefs right into that specific moment, just by pausing and saying, “This is for my best and highest good.” All it takes is a couple of seconds, and when it becomes automatic, you instantly think it. That thought is still long enough to have you pause to create your Life in that moment.

What if things are currently happening in your Life that you wish would go away? Proclaim them as being for your best and highest good, and if it pops up again, then say it again. Trust me – whatever is happening will melt away.”

Al Diaz, in “BEing the Titus Concept”

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