PONDER on THIS for Sunday, January 4th, 2008 by Gloria Wendroff in HEAVENLETTERS

“You do not know the worth of a spot of dust on a table. You do not know what purpose it may serve in the universe. Your major fault, if fault there be, is to fault others.

So what if they are not like you? Should the world be hosted with your perfection alone? Something would be missing if all in the world had your personality. More than fault would be missing. You might wonder why there was sameness everywhere with nothing to break it up.

So right now be overjoyed for the variety of imperfection that the world is made of. Be glad for the opposites of you. Be glad for all those who are less perfect than you, for they occupy a different place in the world. Perhaps their place is to point out to you that you need to resolve something within yourself. Perhaps they are a clue inserted just for you.”

Gloria Wendroff, in “Heavenletters”

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“Sometimes things fall apart, that’s God’s love in disguise.”

Todd Rundgren, from the song “Love in Disguise” on his CD entitled “Second Wind”

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