PONDER on THIS for Monday, January 19th, 2009 by Doris Roper in WAKE UP Your Life!

“Having nice things is nice. No question about that. But remember that “stuff” comes and goes, and getting too attached to the material goods in your life doesn’t make sense. One of the problems about clinging to material stuff is that the gratification wears off. The new car gets a dent, the designer suit loses a button, and the luxury cruise comes and goes. The only way to get that fleeting feeling again is to get more stuff, which means spending more money. And in the tradition of addictions, in order to get the same high from the stuff you acquire, you need to up the ante every time – fancier car, bigger house, more exclusive clothes.

At the end of the day, though, you’re more likely to be surrounded by stuff as you float in a sea of debt. Not really the most satisfying life. I have come to realize that the reason we grow tired or bored of material things is because they are not living, giving objects. We love them at first, but because they cannot love us back, there is nothing to sustain our interest. There really is more to life than more stuff, bigger stuff, and better stuff. When you can let go of things and enjoy life regardless of its contents, you will be much happier and much more able to deal with anything that comes your way.”

Doris Roper, in “WAKE UP Your Life”

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