PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 by Rosanna Ienco in AWAKENING THE DIVINE SOUL

“Where do our worries originate? For many of us, childhood situations have left a scar—on some, so deep we think they will never heal, but the truth is we can all be healed from whatever traumatic situation we have had to endure. For others, it might be the pressure of being a teenager, but whatever it stems from, it will likely manifest itself at a significant point in adult life, such as when we become parents. I honestly believe that nothing is too deeply rooted or too painful to deal with, for it is often from the most fragile and wounded that the brightest lights will eventually shine.

When we are ready and brave enough to face our demons and break through the veil of our darkness, only then can we readily embrace our future. We must be willing to take that inward journey through the dark night of the soul, before we can emerge through the flame of our existence and rise up like the phoenix.”

Rosanna Ienco, in”Awakening the Divine Soul”

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