PONDER on THIS for Sunday, February 15th, 2009 by Gloria Wendroff in HEAVENLETTERS

“Much trust is required in Human life. Whether you trust or not makes no difference while at the same time, it makes all the difference in the world. Trust is confidence. It is not flying blind. It is following a flight plan. It’s just that you do not see the plan. How my children want to predict everything. How much they want to follow numbered spaces and connecting lines.

Let Me assure you that walking without boundaries is not aimless. It is purposeful. You know the purpose, which is to find Me. It’s just that you do not know the specific course.

There is a line on the horizon that is imaginary. When you reach the horizon, it has moved. There never was a line. The horizon moves as if on waves. And that is how you move as well. You walk an escalator of life, except the escalator you walk on is curved. You walk it, and it moves. You ride on it as you walk. You follow the escalator. You do not decide its path. All the way the escalator guides you.”

Gloria Wendroff, in “Heavenletters”

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