PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 by Stuart Wilde in SIXTH SENSE

“The spiritual lessons of this Earth plane are complex. We are here to learn to let go and trust our perception so that we feel safe without all the trappings of the material ego-world: burglar alarms, handguns, insurance policies, nasty lawyers, vindictive emotions, and so forth. But moving from fear to love and just trusting your inner power isn’t simple in a world where manipulation, trickery, hatred, and violence are common. We have to become courageous where there is so much fear and insecurity. We have to detach when everyone is trying to suck us in as much as possible, and we have to believe in ourselves when the whole system is trying to mold us into a stifling conformity that pulls us down. We have to believe in abundance when people talk of lack. It’s a funny ol’ game.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Sixth Sense”

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