PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 by Alan Cohen in RELAX INTO WEALTH

“Prosperity – like a relationship and all of life – is founded on authenticity. When you are lined up with who you are and what you believe, things have a way of working out. When you try to sing someone else’s song, you disappear and the universe will give you some very clear signs that you have strayed from your truth.

You don’t have to explain, justify, or apologize for your belief system – you just have to live it. The way you live it may be entirely different than the way most people live, or anyone lives. It matters not. If you intend to build your empire by saving nickels, you will. If you trust that you will have the money to pay your bills by the time the checks are cashed, you will. (Just be sure your faith is strong, or else you will get mixed results.)

What happens with your money is a perfect mirror of your mind. Use your financial interactions and their results as feedback on how true you are to your beliefs. In this sense, you can’t get it wrong because you will learn from every event. Then you can rush to the meter or stay for a second helping of dessert, and you will win either way.”

Alan Cohen, in “Relax into Wealth”

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