PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 by Tracy Latz & Marion Ross in SHIFT, A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO TRANSFORMATION

“It is important to recall and be aware daily that you are loved and lovable at all times no matter what is going on in your life: You are never alone or abandoned. There is never an actual separation between us and any other person or thing. When you consider that each of us are energetic or spiritual beings residing in and expressing through a physical body, then you understand that there is no separation between energy/spirit and matter. When you have this awareness, there is never a sense of abandonment. You experience a sense of connectedness in knowing that All are One, and One are Many. We are all part of the bigger whole.

For instance, have you ever had the experience of suddenly thinking of someone and then they call you on the phone, show up on your doorstep, or you run into them at the most unlikely place soon thereafter? Have you ever had a strong feeling that a child or loved one was in trouble or in great need only to find out later that your intuition was correct? We are energetically connected to our loved ones at all times…. And they are connected to us as well. You just need to tune in. Your loved ones are constantly sending you love every moment, and all you need do is to take the time to be mindfully aware of and experience their love flowing to you in order to feel it.”

Tracy Latz M.D. & Marion Ross Ph.D., in “Shift, a Woman’s Guide to Transformation”

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