PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 8th, 2009 by Richard Blackstone in NUTS AND BOLTS SPIRITUALITY

“When you are sleepwalking you are constantly judging the events, people and experiences of your life as good or bad. You accept these judgments as dominating factors in your decision-making process and hold on to these judgments forever in your memory as beliefs. You then use these beliefs when you react to a present-moment experience without really analyzing whether your belief is reflective of the truth of the moment. Judgments that are “good” are acceptable and judgments that are “bad” are condemned. When you wake up you realize it makes no sense to judge things as right or wrong, good or bad.

The events,experiences and things that happen are only that – events, experiences and things that happen. When you are conscious and aware you can observe these events, experiences and things that happen, and instead of judging them, you merely discern if they are serving you or not. An event is not good or bad, in and of itself. It is merely an event. Does it serve you? If it does, then choose it and use it. If it does not, then choose again from the infinite number of conscious choices available to you. Sleepwalkers don’t see or are not aware of these other choices.”

Richard Blackstone, in “Nuts and Bolts Spirituality”

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