PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 by David Simon in THE TEN COMMITMENTS

“It’s much more challenging to forgive when we believe that someone knowingly hurt another person. Lying, emotional or physical abuse, stealing, committing adultery, indulging in addictive behaviors – the pain and anger generated by these choices are more difficult to release because we ascribe intention to the behavior. However, the practice of forgiveness means remembering that everyone is doing their best given their personal history and emotional resources.

People are responsible for their actions. Forgiveness does not imply we tolerate thieves stealing, teenagers lying, or partners cheating. We can disagree with and not tolerate a behavior even while we understand the trespass in terms of immaturity, inability or limited awareness.

Each of us has succumbed to shortsighted, selfish interests that resulted in unpleasant ramifications. Understanding that, like you, other people are doing their best can help foster forgiveness and the freedom it brings.”

David Simon, in “The Ten Commitments”

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