PONDER on THIS for Friday, December 25th, 2009 by Misa Hopkins in THE ROOT OF ALL HEALING

“Being completely honest with yourself is a must. You can’t fake yourself out when it comes to healing. I have seen people make statements about their healing that they want to believe is true, but isn’t true yet, and limit their healing potential. This is tricky, because while you want to affirm the healing reality you are creating for yourself, if any part of you is saying in the back of your mind, “Yah, right!” you have a set up for self-sabotage. The simplest way to recognize when you are doing this is when you are saying, “Everything is fine,” and everything is really not fine.

Think of it this way — you just lied to yourself. Now, how can you trust yourself, when you lied to yourself? You can’t. At least not all of your conscious and subconscious mind can trust you. At least one part of you, the part that feels lousy has evidence that you just say things to try to make you feel better — but really, you feel terrible. So the overwhelming evidence that you have now reinforced is that you feel bad. Trying to convince yourself that you feel better than you do is probably not going to get you the results you want.”

Misa Hopkins, in “The Root of All Healing”

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