PONDER on THIS for Monday, February 1st, 2010 by Gloria Wendroff in HEAVENLETTERS

“Your life is not made up of what happens to you. Your life is made up of your light and your shining of it. This is not effort. This is letting go of effort which often wants to determine a particular outcome. But you are not so concerned with outcomes, for you are a shiner of light.

How does light shine? It just shines. It’s not afraid to. It does not rely on what other makes of it. Light is light, and it is made of itself. You reflect your light. You are reflecting it now as you read this. Your light permeates through all of existence. It radiates to the furthermost star, for you are a star-echoer. What else can a star do but shine?”

Gloria Wendroff, in “Heavenletters”

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