PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 by Susan Shumsky in ASCENSION

“In every moment, through every thought, word, and deed, you engage in karma (action). Every action has an affect, not only upon yourself, but also the entire universe. Your actions do not stop with the boundary of your skin. They affect everyone. Every positive or negative thought, word, or deed contributes to either positive or negative vibrations in the universe. Every action has consequences for everyone and everything. Your subconscious mind is the repository of every piece of karma you create. Throughout your life, a memory bank, filled with every experience, gets stored in your subconscious mind. Those memories establish habit patterns. You habitually act in certain ways, because you were taught to act that way by parents, role models, and society.

Your patterns create a “mental law”—a set of rules that you have accepted over time. Your mental law may consist of many statutes, such as, “I am always prosperous,” or “I am not very popular,” or “I am beautiful,” or “I am fat.” Your “mental law” could not exist without the karmic law, which states that every thought, word, and deed has consequences. You are responsible for creating every action, and your mental law, or set of mental beliefs, manifests every one of your experiences. These might be so-called “rewards” for your so-called “good deeds,” or so-called “punishments” for your so-called “sins.” Both rewards and punishments are solely your creations, magnetized by your own set of beliefs.”

Susan Shumsky, D.D, in “Ascension”

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