PONDER on THIS for Friday, February 26th, 2010 by William L. Murtha in DYING FOR A CHANGE

Will Murtha: So every life situation turning up, regardless of whether we initially think of it as bad, is a direct reflection of something that we have called forward?

Voice of Higher Presence: That’s it. Look at every life situation that shows up, and you will come to the divine truth that what we put out there boomerangs back to us. This is because life is a perfect reflection of our innermost thoughts. What we experience is often a mirror of how our mind sees the world. You may think that random events are just showing up in your life by chance, but they are not. They have been magnetized to you, by you. Everything you feel and witness is being drawn to you by your level of consciousness.

When you come to live this level of understanding, you will have made one of the most profound jumps in your conscious awareness. You will come to realize that everything you experience in life, and every person you stumble across, is there for a reason…All the people who have shown up at every crossroad of our lives have shown up to serve our intentions. They have appeared to us because, on one conscious level or another, we have magnetized them toward us. And that is because the relationship they bring into our life space offers numerous lessons for where our thoughts and emotions say they wish to take us.”

William L. Murtha, in “Dying for a Change”

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