BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 by Fr. Anthony DeMello in AWARENESS

“Somebody came up to me with a question…He asked me,”Are you enlightened?” What do you think my answer was? What does it matter? You want a better answer? My answer would be:”How would I know? How would you know? What does it matter?”

You know something? If you want anything too badly, you’re in big trouble. You know something else? If I were enlightened and you listened to me because I was enlightened, then you’re in big trouble. Are you ready to be brainwashed by someone who’s enlightened? You can be brainwashed by anybody, you know. What does it matter whether someone is enlightened or not? But see, we want to lean on someone, don’’t we? We want to lean on anybody we think has arrived. We love to hear that people have arrived. It gives us hope, doesn’’t it? What do you want to hope for? Isn’t that another form of desire?

You want to hope for something better than what you have right now, don’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t be hoping. But then, you forget that you have it all right now anyway, and you don’t know it. Why not concentrate on the now instead of hoping for better times in the future? Why not understand the now instead of forgetting it and hoping for the future? Isn’t the future just another trap?”

Fr. Anthony DeMello, in “Awareness”

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