PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 by Nan Akasha in ALREADY RICH

“Who is in your mind? Most people are not in their own mind. They let others in and they think based on what others tell them is right for them. They are literally “out” of their mind. This means creating by default. Most people get caught in a loop in the small logical mind and do not take command of their creative mind.

You are not in control of your mind if you are drifting…in fear, worry or some other emotion. Something like 80% or more of our thoughts are unproductive and repetitive. When you are not intentional about your mind, someone else is in your mind choosing for you. When you do not consciously choose what is allowed in your mind and what it looks for, you cannot expect to live in a reality of your choosing. Is that what you really want?

Your mind creates, filters, seeks and interprets. It is your control panel of your life. BE in your mind. How? BE in the present moment! How? Think about your belly button. Really, it will bring you right into the now. Then assess how you feel and what you are thinking about.”

Nan Akasha, in “Already Rich”

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