PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 by Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz in THE FIFTH AGREEMENT

“Many masters have said that every mind is a world, and it’s true. The world we think we see outside of us is actually inside of us. It’s just images in our imagination. It’s a dream. We are dreaming constantly, and this has been known for centuries, not only in Mexico by the Toltec, but in Greece, in Rome, in India, in Egypt. People all over the world have said, “Life is a dream.” The question is, are we aware of it?

When we aren’t aware that our mind is always dreaming, it’s easy to blame everyone and everything outside of us for all the distortions in our personal dream, for anything that makes us suffer in life. When we become aware that we are living in a dream that we artists are creating, we take a big step in our own evolution because now we can take responsibility for our creation. To realize that our mind is always dreaming gives us the key to changing our dream if we’re not enjoying it.

Who is dreaming the story of your life? You are. If you don’t like your life, if you don’t like what you believe about yourself, you are the only one who can change it. It’s your world; it’s your dream.”

Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz, in “The Fifth Agreement”

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