PONDER on THIS for Monday, June 21st, 2010 by Misa Hopkins in THE ROOT OF ALL HEALING

“Blame is not the same as accountability. When someone has done something inappropriate that has directly caused you to be injured, they have responsibility. It is appropriate to hold that person accountable for their choices. Blame occurs when you had some responsibility too and you want to punish them for their share of responsibility as well as your own. You can even blame yourself by punishing yourself for your share of responsibility, plus the responsibilities of others. Blame also occurs when you are making someone else responsible for your feelings and reactions. Perhaps you were abused as a child and now as an adult your blame your abuser for how you feel about yourself today.

Of course you have a right to feel hurt and anger; however, blame is toxic because it usually feeds the anger with guilt and resentment. When you are blaming, every time you talk about what someone did to you, even if what happened was truly awful, the flames of blame get fanned locking in your anger and keeping you at a distance from healing.”

Misa Hopkins, in “The Root Of All Healing”

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