Special PONDER on THIS for Saturday, July 24th, 2010 by John St. Augustine in EVERY MOMENT MATTERS

“A small voice inside that has been long ignored beckons us to mind our own business as our billions of miles of brain circuits are drenched with the latest news of celebrities and others who have fallen off the wagon – or been run over by one.

A great longing is urging us to take the road less traveled and find out the truth before the sands of life run through the hourglass of time. More than ever before we are in search of our “true selves,” which have been covered up by all the “right” things in life, according to society’s measure – houses, cars, watches, clothes, whatever. You know, all the stuff that ends up in a garage sale or an estate sale, depending on how much your surviving relatives feel like spending on advertising.

And be clear about one thing, the powers-that-be – those that insist on diverting your attention from the inside to the outside and do not want you to wake up and think for yourself – are not the least bit interested in you unhooking yourself from the life-support system that keeps you running like your life solely depends on what you have. It’s an amazing thing, really. The farther you get from the false promises of the world, the closer you get to the truth of who you truly are – and can be.”

John St. Augustine, in “Every Moment Matters”

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