PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 29th, 2010 by Justine Toms in SMALL PLEASURES

“Here is a practice you might try. Close your eyes and feel an issue in your life that is upsetting to you, something that brings up strong feelings of frustration. It can be something close to you, in your household or your workplace, or it can be a conflict on a more global scale. Now imagine yourself in the place of each of the characters involved. If the situation involves several people with a variety of viewpoints, place yourself in the position of caring for each of them and respecting their viewpoints one at a time. Let go of your judgments of right and wrong, and allow yourself to feel through that individual’s eyes.

If the issue involves several groups of people with different perspectives, choose one person who represents each group, and stand in that person’s shoes, see the situation through that person’s eyes, and feel your heart care about that person’s experience of things. Do this exercise with each person or group involved in the conflict until you are able to see the issue from each of the different perspectives.

Justine Toms, in “Small Pleasures”

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