PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 by Dr. Tianna Conte in LOVES FIRE – BEYOND MORTAL BOUNDARIES

“Birth and death are the same. One is celebrated and one is feared. One is celebrated because it is known; one is feared because it is unknown…but both are about essence. One is essence taking on form and the other is essence leaving form behind, returning to Oneness. But both are the same.

The period of time between what is birth and what is death is called life. It is about experiences, experiencing many things, unfolding the truth of one’s nature, of expanding awareness of who you really are and the gifts you bring…discovering that love is a frequency, not an emotion. Only love is real. All else is appearance, a part of the illusion created by the senses, and the illusion of separation. Each person is in physical form to give and receive love, and so therefore expanding the truth of one’s being.

There are two portals through which the ego/personality can surrender its control from the filter of fear and access the Infinite. These are through experiences of agony and experiences of ecstasy, both of which force the ego to surrender so that the illusion of control is released. When agony and ecstasy are contained in the same experience and happen simultaneously, the topography of consciousness is forever changed. It’s in that moment that reality shifts, and life is never perceived the same.”

Dr. Tianna Conte, in “Love’s Fire ~ Beyond Mortal Boundaries

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