BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 by Alan Cohen in THE DRAGON DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE

“Because most people do not believe that there is a relationship between the way we think and the way our body feels, when disease appears they seek only to get rid of the symptom, and do not look any deeper to find the problem. Someone with a headache, for example, may be inclined to take an aspirin to relieve the discomfort. This may be helpful, but the most helpful medication would be to learn to relax, let go of worry, and not to think so hard. When we take an aspirin or any other drug, we are simply masking the symptom that is a message to us from our higher self, calling our attention to what we need to do to make our life work better.

The idea is, of course, to make the symptom go away, for all forms of pain are, according to their nature, not the way we were meant to live. The crucial issue is not whether to make the hurt go away, but how we do it. Too often we are prone to cover it up with a Band-Aid and hope that it will go away, or to remove the organ, as if the organ were the cause instead of the effect.

But because disease is a teaching for our spiritual growth, it will not go away until we learn the necessary spiritual lessons. We cannot, in the long run, sidestep doing what we need to do by avoiding the cues that remind us of what we must learn.”

Alan Cohen, in “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

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