PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 by Donald Altman in THE MINDFULNESS CODE

“If you are being pulled down in to the quicksand of not having enough, of wanting more, of focusing on what is missing n your life, pause to consider what we are all given in any moment – the sunlight, which makes life possible; the air we breathe; and for most of us the food we enjoy, access to clean water to replenish our cells, a shelter that protects us from the elements, electricity that gives light and makes many forms of communication possible, educational resources to better our lives, the clothes that keep us warm, the beauty of nature to enrich our lives, and relationships that nourish us.

We take so many ordinary things for granted and tend to overlook how they make life more satisfying. Some people’s basic needs are not met, which is also a call not to take what we have for granted and not to waste resources without regard for the consequences. By recognizing what we are given, we practice celebrating the ordinary goodness of life and can become aware of ways in which we can contribute to the ordinary goodness of others.”

Donald Altman, in “The Mindfulness Code”

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