BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 by Gary Spinell in IT WAS YOU, ALL ALONG

“We have been taught that there is only so much to go around for everyone, whether it is love, money, or success. Some religions teach that God has reasons that some of us fail. They teach that if we do not adhere to God’s rules then we suffer the consequences. When you are all you can be you have the ability to give more of yourself and what you have to others, thereby creating an even more wonderful Universe.

Some religions, or religious leaders attempt to show they are better than people who attend their service to keep the worshippers coming back to donate more money, because some leaders fear once you understand you create your own world and you can find your connection to God yourself and achieve success, you might no longer need these religious leaders. Their shortsightedness makes us all pay in the long run.

God wants everyone to succeed, learn and grow. There is no value for God if you are not being successful and achieving your dreams and heart’s desires. To believe that being poor but having a good heart is somehow going to make us more worthy or deserving is a myth. There is great value – for God and all of us – in being all we can be, in having all God can provide, if we are willing to accept it. If God is “saddened” by anything, it is each of us not being all we can be. The only true “sin” is not being the best we can be.”

Gary Spinell, in “It Was You, All Along”

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