BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 by Sharon Huffman in GRATITUDE: THE KEY TO A HAPPY, HEALTHY, SUCCESSFUL LIFE excerpted from GRATITUDE: A WAY OF LIFE

“Gratitude changes the way we view life and ourselves. Difficult situations that were once intolerable and seemingly unchangeable, transform. The moment we feel gratitude, the situation begins to lighten, and then we can see the opportunities to create change. We feel better about ourselves and our ability to positively affect our environment and our world. Depression lifts, conflict turns to harmony, and stress releases to peace. When gratitude becomes a way of life, success, happiness, and health become the norm.”

Sharon Huffman, in “Gratitude: The Key to a Happy, Healthy, Successful Life” excerpted from “Gratitude: A Way of Life”

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“Wake up and face the animal in you, the frightened lizard that wants to win you, that wants the madness to continue, screwed into every sinew. Go on pretending, you don’t know the ending, all the things that you weren’t intending, but your broadcast continued sending.”

        Todd Rundgren, in “Proacitivity” from the CD “No World Order”

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