PONDER on THIS for Monday, March 19th, 2012 by Jenniffer Weigel in I’M SPIRITUAL DAMMIT

Note: A very kind subscriber informed me that the URL link to Amazon.com in Friday’s “Ponder” message was incorrect. It was for Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life.” This is the correct link. Please excuse the error. Now on to today’s message:

“You remember the movie Toy Story?”
“Of course I said.”…
“Well, we are all like the toys in that movie. We are on the shelf, and God knows we are there. But sometimes he prefers Woody and sometimes Buzz. We have different things to offer, and we don’t all get used at once. We have to trust in perfect timing and divine order, remember?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said rolling my eyes.
“God knows you’re on the shelf, waiting to get back into the game. He’ll come and get you when he’s ready for you.”

                Jenniffer Weigel, in “I’m Spiritual Dammit”
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Compiler’s Note: Early last week I bought “I’m Spiritual Dammit” and once I started it, it was difficult for me to put the book down. It’s not only filled with valuable insights like the one above, but also is very funny and entertaining. This author’s work actually reminds me a bit of John St. Augustine’s books in that the work just oozes authenticity, heart, and candor.

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