PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 by Nicolya Christi in 2012 A CLARION CALL

“If you are unwell and praying for recovery, you may say, “Dear God, please help me to become well again.” This communicates to your higher self (your God Self) to whom you are praying, for we are all God), your DNA, your luminous energy field, and the environment that you are unwell, which further compounds this statement as a belief system and an experience. You are telling yourself you would like to become well again but you are placing that possibility outside of yourself, by requesting “outside” assistance from a higher Source.

What needs to be understood is that this higher Source is not separate from you in any way; it is both within and without. The higher Source is you and you are it. By praying to be well and happy, for inner peace and abundance, you are acknowledging that this state does not yet exist and therefore the environment, which is simply a mirror, will reflect this back to you. As you continue to pray for what you need, you will reinforce your neediness.”

                    Nicolya Christi, in “2012 A Clarion Call”

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