PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 by Karen Monteverdi in LIVING CONSCIOUSLY IN AN EGO DRIVEN SOCIETY

“…Emotions can be a barometer of how one experiences life. Signs of being in ego include feelings and language of blame, shame, judgment, domination, guilt, and a disproportionate need to compete. The list goes on and on. When we recognize that we are caught up in one of these experiences, we can actually begin to retrain the biochemistry of our mind if we immediately stop and say “Oh that’s ego. What is true for me is____________” and allow a statement of truth to come to the forefront of our mind. This happens when we take 100% responsibility for our experience and begin to notice where we are in error and where we are failing to accept the reality of the situation.

When we allow for others (even in acts of violence towards one another), to have their own experiences, we begin to see life differently. This does not mean we must stand by and do nothing about the physical reality of victimizations. The opposite actually occurs when we take 100% responsibility for our experience. Because we are now responsible for our own experience and are no longer being victimized ourselves, we are able to respond quickly with ease and decisiveness, and create empowerment for all.”

Karen Monteverdi, in “Living Consciously in an Ego Driven Society”

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