BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 by John Randolph Price in LIVING A LIFE OF JOY

“Going all the way back to Sanskrit, we find that the root word of God is “invoked.” Invoke means “to call forth, to summon.” So in this context, God is whatever we call forth and give power to. And that’s what some of us are doing – summoning the god of sickness to teach us wholeness, the god of scarcity to show us the truth of abundance, the god of unemployment to find our true place. That’s like inviting Dracula to teach a course on the positive benefits of sunshine.

What we must do is deal only with THE God the Almighty, the Father-Mother Supreme Being, our Creator Who is expressed as the True Self of everyone. Let’s put our attention on The God Within – that field of infinite, positive, ready-for-immediate-expression possibilities. This is not something separate from us; it is What we are. And in this energy field there are no problems because its nature – OUR nature – is perfect.”

                   John Randolph Price, in “Living a Life of Joy”

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